22 July 2010

Togetherness Meditation - Day 1

15 minutes of meditation. Together. Log your post-meditation check-in on Twitter or below in the comments. Here we go!


  1. Alright that was cool. However, it was not a very good sit for me. I couldn't let go and focus on my breath. Right before we started I got a text from my son's mom that I needed to handle, but I wanted to be skillful in my response. As I'm typing this I'm changing my opinion of that sit because even though my head was abuzz with what I was going to say and all I could think about was "when will this be done?" so I can get the conversation over with, I was able to think about it and give a mindful response and got a positive answer from her after the meditation. Initially I thought it sucked but it turns out it was beneficial. Go figure.

  2. Holy Monkey Mind, Batman! I was all over the place tonight - just getting used to the flow.

    I did Metta/Loving-Kindness meditation and really felt the company of the Crew. The Metta Sutta was probably one of my first introductions to practice. When I started out on the path, I was brimming with anger and resentment - towards self, towards others, towards everything really. I recognized that my anger was caging me and I wanted to find the exit door. I drifted down the path of loving-kindness and felt the door creak ajar. I was fortunate to take an online class with Sylvia Boorstein and her authentic teaching style truly hooked me on Metta!

    May I feel safe.
    May I feel strong.
    May I feel happy.
    May I live with ease.

    May you feel safe.
    May you feel strong.
    May you feel happy.
    May you live with ease.

    Namaste! _/\_

  3. ok ok i missed the callout! was it on twitter?

  4. It was! We are all still gettin' into the groove with how the whole process is going to flow!

    Tomorrow, there will be a 'check-in' Tweet & Blog post and then about 5 minutes later the 15 minute togetherness meditation will begin. At the conclusion, we'll all come back together for a post-meditation 'check-in' either via Tweets or Blog posts.(Follow 'zenoutlaw' on Twitter for play-by-play meditation tweets!)

    Thank you for being a member of the Crew! _/\_

  5. I'm in the middle of 30 days straight. If the call out is in the evening (FL Time), as long I am not in yoga, you've got Grumpy.