31 July 2010

Togetherness Meditation - Day 10

Today, the CREW will come together to share meditative practice with CREWmember Mindonly leading the #OMC shout-outs. Keep an eye (or two!) on Twitter & log your reflections in the comment section.

Sharing practice...deepening practice. The Online Meditation Crew!


  1. I popped a banner in the sidebar to the right for the OMC if anyone would like one... VIVA LA OMC! ;)



  2. Many thanks to Mindonly (Kris) for leading the #OMC shout-outs and togetherness meditation today! _/\_

    Felt really scattered during meditation today. It never ceases to amaze me how just sitting with yourself can bring up so much stuff! Breathing in, breathing out...patience & practice are key!

    Namaste Crew!

  3. I came out of my meditation with this simple phrase, but then I had to run out the door before I could post it here:

    Don't be the science, be the scientist.



  4. Thank you for the opportunity. This was great. You all have been extremely helpful to motivate me to sit every day; an area I really need work on! ...joining palms