23 July 2010

Togetherness Meditation - Day 2

Today, there are 2 shout-outs for meditation planned:

1.) 12noon PST/3pm EST


2.) 4pm PST/7pm EST

These are US timezones, so international CREW please chime in with how this schedule flows for you.

The meditations will last 15 minutes each. The pre- and post- meditation 'CHECK-INS' and notices to 'BEGIN' will go out on Twitter. Use the comment section for this post to log your post-meditation 'CHECK-IN' or just holla at the OMC Crew on Twitter.

Two opportunities to practice - TOGETHER! Come meditate with the CREW today! _/\_


  1. A bit of a bumpy start for my sitting, but I was gradually able to wind down from the usual 'we-want-it-for-yesterday' work rhythm.

    At first I found it difficult to stop everything and meditate, but in the end found the clarity and calmness well worth it.

    Gasho dear crew members! _/|\_ :-) \m/

  2. I got into my groove a little bit during the 12noon togetherness meditation. But I was also distracted - my ego was creepin' all over the place. I guess I wasn't feelin' the 'togetherness' and thought maybe the shout-out was a flop. All this junk was seepin' into my head (added to my overtiredness) but I did my Metta practice anyway (this time with a Mala to keep the rhythm).

    And then...I see that a member of the Crew was with me after all. Honestly, I got pretty choked up - just being able to share the path greatly deepens my practice. So thank you 'Kamikazen' for sharing your practice with me today! _/\_

  3. 2nd togetherness meditation today and damn I was feelin' good! Still Monkey Mind wild but the Metta was just streamin' outta me! I think it is a side-effect of being able to share my practice with the CREW. Thank you all! _/\_

  4. Nice sit, not as difficult as the first. Felt more calmed at the start and didn't wander as much.

    I'm finding these oddball impromptu sits very refreshing, and a great way to catch monkey mind with it's pants down.

    Thanks CREW, great sitting with you! _/|\_ :-) \m/

  5. I missed the first one due to helping with yard work. But I was able to have a much better sit than yesterday. Clear mind for the most part. Good stuff. It was great meditating with all who were present! \m/ _/|\_

  6. I too missed the first one. On my way home traffic just stopped so at about 7pm est I was completely stopped in front of a strip mall. So I just pulled in the parking lot and did it. My mind jumped around, for about half of the time. But I did have a good feeling thinking that others were stopping and joining me. I had an idea while I was meditating, my mind never stops, I could build my own meditation bench. So I stopped in the Home Depot and a nice guy cut the wood for me. With the screws and things total $12. So now I have to put it together.