26 July 2010

Togetherness Meditation - Day 5

CREWmember \m/ metalbuddha \m/ will be leading the togetherness meditation today.

He will post the schedule for his OMC shout-out on Twitter ~1 hour before he is going to call for the pre-meditation check-in. So be on the lookout!

UPDATE: Meditation is scheduled for 1:30pm PST/4:30pm EST.


  1. Missed check in but I did participate. I am at work. And I was continuously interrupted. No one needed me for anything until I decided to meditate. Oh well. I'll get some good time in at yoga. How did everyone else make out?

  2. Just tried to sit (or rather, lie down with an ice pack on my back) with all of the questions and commentary swirling around in my head. Checking in with the Crew bolstered my resolve to meditate today - good or bad, I did. Without the Crew, not sure I would have even tried. _/\_

  3. Was caught by the shout-out barely arriving home. Excused myself with my guests and sneaked for the sit (they kindly understood, being practitioners themselves).

    Bit rocky but I guess any sit is a good sit as long as the motivation's there.

    Thanks for helping me stay on the path, dear CREW. _/|\_ :-) \m/

  4. So, I missed the one on Sunday to which this post speaks, but I saw a "non-shout out" this morning, Tuesday, and ran...mindfully... to my zafu. Even if I didn't catch anyone simultaneously, I did leave a message on the Nirvanic Voicemail for you all. To listen to it, dial *OM in your head.