27 July 2010

Togetherness Meditation - Day 6

KamikaZen started off the day with a STOP. DROP. MEDITATE. shout-out to the CREW and was joined by our newest CREWmember BuddhaBadges! _/\_

Today, togetherness meditation is scheduled for 12:15pm PST/3:15pm EST.

Check for the #OMC hashtags on Twitter - they let CREWmembers know when to 'check-in' pre-meditation, 'begin' the meditation (set your timer for 15 minutes), and 'check-in/out' post-meditation.

Share your post-meditation 411 in the comment section here or on Twitter.

Enjoy the day!

UPDATE: Sent out the call for a STOP. DROP. MEDITATE! togetherness meditation on Twitter. Thank you to MetalBuddha, KamikaZen, and new CREWmember Mindonly for sharing in practice and being present on the path! _/\_


  1. Metta togetherness meditation had a good rhythm today - so much so that at one point the image of a guitar fluttered through my mind! Sometimes the 15 minutes seem really short...today was not one of those days - all a part of the ebb and flow that is meditation. Thank you CREWmembers for being with me on the journey _/\_ Now, time to wake my leg up!

  2. Ooops, I did 20 minutes... I should use a timer. Either way, 'twas good to sit with you all. Today's thought: Colors behind a fishbowl only refract through the water, they don't change it. So with the world's colors and my mind.



  3. I am having one of those days and the last thing I wanted to do was sit. But I did. One of Lil Wayne's get money songs kept playing in the back of mind for some reason. When my mind was jumping around, it was back ground music. When I was thinking of nothing- damn song constantly. It would be funny if I wasn't in such a grumpy mood.

  4. Who knew guitars, Lil Wayne, and fishbowls could go together in meditation so well?! Namaste CREW!

  5. Had to take my guests sight-seeing today, so even though I got the shout-out I was in tourist guide mode and had to miss the sitting. :-(

    Still got a warm feeling knowing the rest of the CREW was there.

    Namaste all, let's keep the metta flowing. _/|\_ :-) \m/