28 July 2010

Togetherness Meditation - Day 7

Woohoo! A whole week of togetherness meditation! Namaste all for coming together as a true CREW! _/\_ Please welcome others to join in.

Today, CREWmember GrumpyZen will be leading the meditation shout-outs. Be on the look-out for a call to STOP. DROP. MEDITATE!, as well as a scheduled togetherness meditation around 5:30pm EST/2:30pm PST.

Here's to many more weeks of meditatin' as a CREW! \m/


  1. I broke from my usual today. I did some Tonglen, Metta type meditation for all of you. I hope it helps. Felt good to focus on something other than myself.

  2. I sat. This image also came out of my subconscious last nite and I had to sketch it out... It can be used if it pleases.



  3. I sat and started off great, settling in on just breathing. Then all the sudden this thought hits me like a lightning strike about starting a Buddhist webzine. Tried to tell myself that brainstorming would be better suited for another time, but decided to run with it and let the ideas flow. Who knows, could be fun and beneficial. Time for some research to explore the idea I guess.

  4. @Buddhabadges, that graphic is sweeeeeet!

  5. For today's togetherness meditation, I took a cue from MetalBuddha and did some visualization work. It went fairly well - felt some hunger pangs at times and was a little drowsy but the ice pack on my ribs wasn't too distracting and I felt pretty focused. All in all, I just feel a little scattered right now...I really appreciate the presence of the CREW and all of the Metta swirlin' around! _/\_

    P.S. Thank you Anoki for the wonderful image - will try to get it up on the site today!

  6. That looks really cool with colors matching the colors in the background. Anoki = genius

  7. Not sure who started this blog, but an "about" page would probably be very helpful to people stumbling on this blog, so that they know what's up with it, and the premise behind the whole OMC idea.

    I'll be working it around my work schedule, but count me in. I'll see what I can manage while at work.

  8. Welcome Adam! The very 1st post - 'Sitting Together...Miles Apart' - sums up the CREW. Will work on posting some 'About' 411 too. Namaste!

  9. Yeah, I would just post pretty much what the first post has on an about page. Makes it easy for newcomers.

  10. @buddhabadges - I like the graphic it is awesome. @metalbuddha - can't wait to read it
    @adam - Welcome
    @zenoutlaw - don't you be hugging me :>)

    I'm going back to work.

  11. Thank you, Adam! Let me know if the 411 section is ok - didn't want it to get too long...

  12. First shout-out caught me climbing the hill to Chapultepec castle (google it for explanation) with my Tibetan friends, all I could do was focus on my breath and visualize myself absorbing sentient beings suffering with each in breath and fulfilling their needs with the out-breath (so I guess I ended up practicing Tonglen too ;-)

    Second shout-out was a first for me, got it just as I sat on the bus back home and was able to enjoy a great shikantaza session, with the post-meditation check-in arriving about a block from my stop. How's that for karma?

    Anoki, you absolutely rock and that's a great logo you made for the CREW!

    T-shirts anyone?