03 August 2010

Togetherness Meditation - Day 13

Today, the OMC will get together for some meditatin' at 10:45am PDT/1:45pm EDT. Kind of early, I know....but...

If later in the day, you think, "Hmm...I think I'm going to get some meditatin' in & wouldn't mind some company"...give a shout-out to the CREW. Just tweet --> "Hey Crew, STOP. DROP. MEDITATE! with me. #OMC"

Usually, if someone in the CREW is around, they will check-in with you, STOP what they are doing, DROP to the cushion or couch or chair (to sit/put on some walkin' shoes), and MEDITATE along with you.

Sharing practice is what the CREW is all about...so give us a shout-out today! _/\_


  1. Started off sitting...but then got up and decided on doing walking meditation. Walking around helped with breathing and I was able to keep a nice rhythm - so much so that the time went super fast. Thank you to the CREW for meditatin' with me! _/\_ Namaste!

  2. great sit today. Had to check in a little early since I was booked for a meeting. Then, the meeting went quickly - win!

    ...joining palms

  3. I suffered a few interruption in the beginning because I am at work. But ended on a good note. I ended in just enough time to let go of my frustration at the constant interruptions. I think I will have a do-over later.

  4. i checked in late but just finished sitting. Had large conflict with stepdaughter which made me so mad. At the end of the sitting, I was in tears. I guess underneath anger is sometimes sadness... thanks OMC. Even though I was late to the sitting I still felt you all out there, somewhere, in corners of the world.

  5. I started late, and now I am checking in WAY late... this sit's little lesson I came away with: Pratītyasamutpāda starts at the tip of the neurons, not at the tips of your fingers.