09 August 2010

Togetherness Meditation - Day 19

Case of the Mondays? Need some time to just be? Hit up the Crew! We'll be doin' meditative practice together for 15 minutes starting at 11am PDT/ 2pm EDT today. Look for the #OMC shout-outs on Twitter and join in!


  1. Monkey mind was running around like it's tail was on fire today, mostly yelling thought of death and impermanence. Eventually calmed down and simply enjoyed being here and now.

    Feeling much better and with a clearer mind now after the sit.

    Thanks for being there CREW.

    _/|\_ :-) \m/

  2. Today's shout-out found me a lot calmer, great sit and wonderful metta flowing from the CREW.

    A phrase was clear in my mind after meditation today, and it has really toned down my monkey mind's wild running:

    "Let go, enjoy the ride, cross the bridges when you get there."

    _/|\_ :-) \m/