10 August 2010

Togetherness Meditation - Day 20

Today Crewmember the_KamikaZen (on Twitter) will be leading togetherness meditation for the OMC at 12noon PDT/3pm EDT. Look for the series of #OMC tweets - 'pre-meditation check-in' (a roll call that spreads the message that the Online Meditation Crew is gettin' together), 'begin' (do 15 minutes of your meditative practice along with the Crew), and 'post-meditation check-in' (a time to regroup after practice & jot down a few thoughts/reflections on Twitter and/or the comment section of the Blog).

Get together with the Crew today!


  1. Life is in hyper-speed right now. Needed to take a break and breathe. Just breathe. Namaste Crew!

  2. Meditated on 'mindful migraine' and 'mindful upset stomach' today.

    Felt like something particularly unpleasant the cat dragged in, but being with the crew and forcing myself to meditate even when I would have normally just slumped in my bed feeling miserable really made a great difference.

    Thought of the day; pain is unavoidable, suffering is optional.

    Namaste and warm regards CREW! _/|\_ :-) \m/

  3. Dear KamikaZen, but even slumped in bed can be meditation. A space to be mindful with the pain, emotions, energy does not depend on sitting. A walking meditation is just that too.

    Meditation has no limits only our thinking makes it so.

    Much peace, Miro