11 August 2010

Togetherness Meditation - Day 21

Today be on the look-out for OMC shout-outs from Crewmember mindonly (on Twitter). Watch for tweets against the stream....mindonly is known to meditate & destroy (as is metalbuddha and the_KamikaZen......and the entire CREW!). \m/

For our International Crew, listenhearlove (on Twitter) has requested morning shout-outs for Crewmembers in the UK and similar time zones. You meditatin' with the OMC...across the pond?

1 comment:

  1. One of my cat's deteriorating health and a two day migraine have given me plenty of material on old age, sickness and death to work with these past few days.

    Today's two sessions with the CREW have been both refreshing and just in time.

    Thanks for all your support dear CREW, let's keep all this heavy metta rocking and rolling like our hair's on fire!

    _/|\_ :-) \m/