16 August 2010

Togetherness Meditation - Day 26

#Wannasit with the #OMC? We will be getting together at 12:15pm PDT/3:15pm EDT. All meditative practices welcome & everyone is invited to join in!

Also, paralax999 (on Twitter) has requested the Evening Crew get together more often. Be on the look-out for his Stop. Drop. MEDITATE! requests, as well as those of other CREWmembers who shout-out after the sun sets.

Enjoy the day!


  1. yo OMC! i usually sit around 9pm PST. it's the only time things in my house are quiet.

    tonight i'll be sitting with against the stream in santa monica around 730.

    shouting out soon! mucho metta.
    paralax999 aka joseph

  2. Walking metta practice today - complete with a pit stop. I know this may seem TMI but I started walking and I immediately had to go to the bathroom (damn protein shake!). I tried to be cool with the fact that I had to go - not let it interrupt my practice. But then I simply decided to be kind to myself (I *was* doing metta afterall) and go to the bathroom. Only took a minute, got back into the groove after the stop, and continued on...Bottomline: Being kind to oneself is practice in and of itself! _/\_ :) \m/

  3. I'm sure the Buddha would say "When ya gotta go, ya gotta go!"

    Well, Nate (@PreciousMetal) gave a shoutout at 7pm PDT tonight, and since I was not around for the scheduled sit earlier, took advantage of the #wannasit call. Tried to settle into the breath, but thoughts of frustration re: work and a relationship issue took over, so I just calmly tried to watch those thoughts. Finally settled back into the breath and the timer went off.

  4. If it's cool, I'll send out a call (possible) nightly... 10pm EST time is when I usually sit because of my crazy day, each and every day.

  5. ps. I added the #OMC badge/ banner thing to my blog... hopefully it'll drive some more traffic over