18 August 2010

Togetherness Meditation - Day 28

The #OMC will be practicing together at 12noon PDT/3pm EDT today! If you #wannasit or just be with the #Twangha, join in! All are welcome!

Here are the Stop. Drop. MEDITATE! shout-outs on Twitter for today too:

Morning Crew: Barbara_FuShin & the_KamikaZen

7pm PDT/10pm EDT: BayouCityBuddha

Enjoy the day...together! _/\_


  1. Did walking meditation with some Metta thrown in. Kind of had a good rhythm going...at times. At other times, my legs were simply keeping pace as my mind wandered away. Need. More. Practice! _/\_

  2. Had a pretty good sit. first one in the new house. Mother-in-law washing dishes in the next room was a bit distracting @ first but it just became part of the hum after a few.

    Thanks to Every1 who joined in.