21 September 2010

Togetherness Meditation - Day 62

Greetings Online Meditation Crew!

Today, the midday meditative meetup was held at 11:30am PDT/2:30pm EDT. Later today, the #EveningCrew will hold togetherness meditations between 6 and 7:15pm PDT/9 and 10:15pm EDT. Also, be on the lookout for impromptu #OMCru and #wannasit shout-outs throughout the day! Stop. Drop. MEDITATE! together with the CREW _/\_

On another note, the OMC #Twangha has grown greatly over the past few weeks...many new folks joining in on Twitter and following the Blog. Please send out a little blurb about yourself to the CREW in the comment section of today's post....an introduction, a practice gem, a smile...let's share!


  1. I'm Danny, I love jazz and Buddhism. I'm 16, nearly 17, and study science and maths. Been meditatig for just over a year, I think, and plan to do so dormant years to come. I like to talk philosophy, jazz, or about anything really. That's about it.

  2. Hey, Gary here. I co-facilitate the Tuesday night Buddhist Recovery meeting @ Against The Stream Melrose in LA. Working from home most the the time now, so I can squeeze in a few sessions daily, other than my regular morning sit. Married, have 2 daughters, sober, tattooed, love live music and collecting art. Meditation has saved my life.

  3. Hi! I'm Vanessa (@SlouchingToward) and I'm new to the OMCru. I'm a web/graphic deisgner, vegan, fiber artist, yoga teacher in training, and sometimes musician living in Brooklyn, NY. I'm also a regular attendee of Dharma Punx and am just starting The Buddhist Studies program at the Interdependance Project. I've been practicing yoga and meditation on and off for about 2 years. You can read my blog here:http://www.slouchingtowardsenlightenment.com/I heart the OMCru!

  4. I'm an old-school metalhead with just the right amount of punk to make the mix a tad spicier. Born right in the middle of the 60's (most literally),

    I became a Buddhist by some strange twist of fate some 10 years ago, and haven't turned back ever since.

    I'm the eternal doubter of good causes who secretly enjoys being proven wrong time and again (I'll tell you about my first encounter with @ZenOutlaw, @MetalBuddha and the #OMCru... someday ;-)

    I draw, I run, I read, I hack, I love my wife and love my cats.

    The story of my life. _/|\_ :-) \m/

  5. Namaste, this is Anoki, I am the guy who runs BuddhaBadges (http://www.buddhabadges.com), DharmaDots (http://www.dharmadots.com), and Altar-Bot (http://www.altar-bot.com) and I made the logo for the #OMC! I happen to be a 5'5", 33 year old gay, tattooed, pierced up, diminutive vegan Buddhist behemoth of Graphic Arts, hangin' out, accruin' my Merits and doling them out for Karma. I go the the Dharma Bum Temple and do stuff for The Meditation Initiative and Buddha For You and various Dharmic entities, all in San Diego. And I have a frenchie named Lou!

  6. What up, I'm also an old-school metalhead, just not as old as The_Kamikazen! (HAHA just kiddin brother) I also enjoy blues, jazz and old-school hip hop, sunrises (since I wake up early for work and go to bed before sundown most of the time), and long walks on the beach. I've been a practicing Buddhist for about a year now, since I read Noah Levine and Brad Warner's books. It just kind of took off after that. I have a blog (http://metalbuddha.com) where I share whatever the hell I want. LOL
    P.S. I think the Online Meditation Crew is the raddest thing ever. MEDITATE AND DESTROY!

  7. Hello friends. This is Kris (@mindonly on Twitter). Happily married to my best friend, daddy to an awesome little 7 yr old boy, vegetarian, Buddhist that enjoys strength training. Knew I was a Buddhist on May 26, 2001 - as I sat listening to HHDL give a public talk. Shaved my head that night, haven't looked back. I occasionally write about my Buddhist stumblings at http://wateronconcrete.net, but more often post pictures of my adventures or fun things I find at http://kris.freedain.com (though I have recently considered combining all sites into one. We'll see.) I also am editor (& sometimes writer) for Buddha's Light Magazine of Los Angeles; a bi-monthly magazine/newsletter available at Hsi Lai temple in Hacienda Heights. Oh, ya, and I eat at Wahoo's a lot. hahaha.

    The #OMCru helps motivate me to sit on a regular basis, and I am grateful to each of you for that.
    ...joining palms

  8. Hey gang, this is Mike (@bubbha). I've been practicing Buddhism for about 6 years. I'm a metalhead and just recently attended my first Iron Maiden concert. Have loved them since the mid-eighties. Born in South Carolina, raised in Louisville, Ky and now residing in Harrusburg, Pa (hence the Bubbha). My wife @babyduck72 and I were married 4 years ago by a Buddhist priest and we both dedicated our lives to helping each other follow in the path. We both spent 3 years in a Buddhist seminary and ordained as lay priests. In an unfortunate set of circumstances we left our sangha and teacher and have both found great comfort with our online sangha and OMCru! Peace!

  9. Howdy! This is Andy, @BayouCityBuddhist
    I live in Houston TX, aka the Bayou City and have lived here my whole life. I've been Vegan almost 2 years been a practicing Buddhist for about the same. I enjoy homebrewing, beer knurdery, hanging out with my wife and 5-year-old. Oh and I blog. http://bayoucitybuddhist.posterous.com & http://www.chron.com/channel/houstonbelief/commons/bayoubuddhists.html

    Hope to "see" you one night at the #Eveningcrew sittings!

  10. This is Bill (@billjoseph) and I had been wanting to meditate for a long time. Had some false starts, and doing it alone it was very easy to let the practice lapse. When I found the OMC I knew I had found a group of people who could help me get a regimen going, and help me stick to it. I've been sitting with the crew since Day 24. Now, if I haven't made time to sit by the time the #eveningcrew meets, I get a little antsy.

    I started this part of my journey reading the traditional "heavy hitters" (HHDL, TNH), but it didn't resonate with me until I read Brad Warner. Next up is Noah Levine. As I pause for breath I can say I'm not sure where I'm going, but I'm enjoying the journey. And I'm really glad to have the OMC to answer questions for me, point me in the right direction, and support me as I try to figure this all out.

    I'm married, with 4 kids. I'm as old as @The_Kamikazen (watch what you say to the "old fogie crew" there @MetalBuddha!). I used to manage a record store, so my musical tastes are all over the place. Although I'm a stay-at-home dad, I freelance building websites, which sometimes feels like a full-time gig.

    I sometimes write about the path I'm exploring over at http://meetmewhereiam.com. It is, like me, a work-in-progress.

  11. Hello, everyone! I'm Mike @miko57. I'm a dad, husband to @Hayzlenut, have many likes and dislikes, and ride bicycles a lot. I've been an inconsistent meditator for about 2 years now. I found the OMC - or, they found me - through a blog post by @MindDeep. I'm not much of a social media person, but the crew has become an important part of my practice. I know from experience how much regular meditation helps me. It's not always bliss, but meditating with my roller coaster mind has been very positively impacted by practicing with the crew. Namaste, guys!

  12. I'm Adam (@flylikeacrow) and have been lax in my sitting the past couple of weeks, due to being insanely busy and tired getting ready for our daughter to arrive (this will be our 2nd kid). When I am able to, I usually sit around 9:15-9:45 PM Pacific Time. I'm trying to get into a better habit, and am still and unafiliated n00b. You can find out more about me on my wordpress blog.

    I blog at http://flylikeacrow.wordpress.com and


  13. Artist, writer, troublemaker. Overeducated and underemployed. Buddhist malcontent with a bad blogging habit. Recovering lawyer. Psuedonym abuser.

    -jane doe

  14. Hi there! My name is Hanuman Dass aka Greg. I'm new to the OMCru. Found you guys on twitter. I'm trying to get into meditation again after several years off the 'path'. I am a nondualist and avid practitioner of japa yoga, the yoga of mantra. Looking forward to expanding my consciousness with you guys. Happy to have found the OMCru!!

    Namaste _/|\_