23 September 2010

Togetherness Meditation - Day 64

Hello again CREW!

Today, the midday togetherness meditation was led by @the_KamikaZen at 11:30 PDT/2:30 pm EDT.

Several Stop. Drop. MEDITATE! shout-outs have also been sent by @ZenPatricio, @BuddhaBadges, @HanumanDass and @TheZenOutlaw... you can be sure there will be more to come during the day from the rest of the CREW!

Remember the#EveningCrew is also sending shout-outs on a regular basis... especially between 6-8pm PDT/9-11pm EDT!

If you missed the shout-outs, never fear! Remember anybody can send out a Stop, Drop, MEDITATE! It's as easy as using the #OMCru hashtag to let everyone know so we can join in. ;-)

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The #OMCru #Twangha keeps growing more and more everyday... Let's get to know each other so that we can keep the essence of community and 'sangha' at the heart of the Crew. It only takes a minute or two to write something about yourself in the comment section! Your post-meditation reflections are also always welcome!

Let's keep growing together, as a CREW! _/|\_ \m/


  1. Today was a tough one for me. I was being hit over and over again with work problems, and tried too hard to get them fixed before it was time to sit. Consequently, I couldn't get my mind to settle down at all. It was awful.

    But as @slouchingtoward reminded me, "The only bad meditation is the one you don't do at all."

    So, oh more experienced meditators, what _do_ you do when the monkey mind takes over?

    Bill _/\_

  2. I acknowledge it, without letting it take over. Yes, it is extremely difficult, every time it happens it's a battle of wits.

    I think in a crazy way that's why I enjoy meditation, to do that battle with the habitual thoughts to let them know I see them, but refuse to let them control.

    Don't let it stress you out, it's completely normal. When those thoughts start to gain a bit of control, try counting breaths.... 1 in breath, 2 out breath... until 10 and then count back to 1... if it doesn't work, try it again. A couple cycles ought to work, if not, give it a couple more.

    Hope that helps!

  3. Thanks for the advice! It's funny how all those thoughts can be mashing around in your head and in the process of trying to deal with them you forget the basics. Breathe, count, start again.

  4. Thanks for the mention in the OMCRu Blog.

    When my thoughts seem to be assaulting me I just let them come BUT I don't entertain them. Trying to stop the thoughts just sabotages my sitting. On the other hand allowing the thought to come, get no fuel for its fire, and then pass I am able to return to the quiet space where the monkey mind is controlled by me not my thoughts.

    Hope that helps!