31 October 2010

Togetherness Meditation - Day 102

Greetings Online Meditation Crew!

Today, the shout-outs flowed freely in the Morning and at Midday and will continue to flow into the Evening hours (based on American timezones that is!). Keep on the lookout for the #OMCru hashtag on Twitter.

Two special announcements:

1. HUGE bundles of gratitude and metta to all who participated in the Sit-A-Thon yesterday! As a sponsor, a sitter, a supporter, you all rocked \m/ _/\_

2. The OMCru is branchin' out into....recipe swappin'! That's right the Twangha is now sharin' their favorite foods and dishes via the #OMCook hashtag on Twitter. Be sure to send out some tasty tweets!

In honor of the Hungry Ghosts, today's community-fostering question is:

Do you/does your family celebrate Halloween/Dia de los Muertos/All Saints - All Souls Day/Fall Festival? What are your celebrations like? Be sure to post some photos! 

Have a spooktacular day Crew! Namaste _/\_ \m/ <3


  1. We mark Samhain (Halloween) as a changing of the seasons and usually put up a Dia de los muertos altar (ofrenda, I think). This year I didn't build one since we're moving. I miss the ceremony of it. It serves to remind me of death and that every moment must be lived fully.

  2. The OMCru raised over $500 for Against the Stream! _/\_

  3. awesome! that is wonderful for Against the Stream!! #OMCru has quite the presence! excellent!

  4. I used to go to the Halloween in the Castro, or the Dia de los Muertos parade when I lived in San Francisco. Now I usually stay in, although last year I went to a costume party here in Floyd.

    This year I bought some candy just in case kids came by, and spent a quiet night in. I ended up eating some of the tiny Reese's Pieces packets! It's a little too rural here to have many trick-or-treaters, and since I don't have kids myself, I don't know too many nearby parents.

    It was still fun to hang out with the Crew online :)

  5. We dressed up at work and went trick or treating around the office. I posted me in my costume on twitpic @queenj. This is our first year doing Halloween (secular) and Samhain (spiritual). I'm thinking about doing a ritual this Sunday which marks the astronomical crossquarter day between fall equinox and winter solstice.