05 October 2010

Togetherness Meditation - Day 76

Greetings #OMCru!

Here is what is on the menu for today:

1. The morning special was a platter of delectable shout-outs from CREWmembers far and wide. Such early risers! But it is wonderful to watch the #MorningCrew grow and develop into a full-fledged meditative buffet.

2. At midday, an 11:15am PDT/2:15pm EDT brew is on tap. All are welcome to a sip!

3. The evening dessert of choice will be an #EveningCrew specialty! However, the offer is only good between the hours of 6-9pm EDT/9-12midnight PDT...so act fast!

4. Throughout the day, tasty STOP. DROP. MEDITATE! tapas will be added to the menu. Be on the lookout as they can be plated and served at any time.

Enjoy! _/\_


  1. Hi CREW!

    I'm Alfonso, better known as @The_KamikaZEN on Twitter.

    Born right in the middle of the sixties, too young for Woodstock, too old for Nirvana and Grunge.

    A late-life and almost accidental Buddhist who tries to follow the Dharma the best (or worst) I can.

    When not hooked to the web I’m usually writing code only other four people in the world can read (three of them are webmasters, the other one drools a lot, lives in a padded cell and is not allowed near anything sharp).

    I earn my living as a freelance designer and web developer in Mexico City. I usually joke with my friends from abroad telling them it’s a nice place to live, but you wouldn’t want to visit here.

    I like to read a lot and let the mind wander to some pretty cool places, and a few dark ones as well.

    Whenever I can I try to spend as much time as possible enjoying the company of my wife, two cats and a part-time dog (don’t ask about the dog, it’s a long story).

    I spend my life among computers, Buddhism, technology, running, reading science fact and science fiction, admiring good design and mostly trying to learn more about anything that will tease or challenge my mind.

  2. BTW, my TOKBOX handle is TheKamikaZEN

  3. Tokbox username (and Twitter username) is Danny_789
    Hi, I'm Danny. I love jazz, and Buddhism. Studying sciences and maths at the moment in sixth form. Live in the UK, and like to spend my time doing relatively little.

  4. I guess it is time for me to more formally introduce myself.

    Mark Jacobina @foolishbeing, http://www.Facebook.com/blackandgold

    Born in the Holy City of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania November 10, 1958, I grew up in the Downriver suburbs of Detroit. As a young man I entered a small contemplative reform Franciscan group in Boston. That is where I was first introduced to meditation. That was back in 1977. Yes, a long time ago, kids.

    After all these years I am still very much a novice at that whole thing. But that is ok with me. Early on my spiritual directors at the Trappist abby of Spencer Mass taught me not to look for or expect any experiences from spending time on a seiza bench or zafu. That served me well.

    I left the Franciscans in 1989 and moved to Alaska. In Sitka I spent a while attending Russian Orthodox (OCA) services and dabbling in their rich spirituality. With the help of friends and experiences I was able to come out to myself and accept that I am gay. The resulting spiritual crisis left me with out a spiritual community for some years.

    After meeting the man who was to become my longterm parter in life, I was attracted to his practice of Buddhism. I had read about and been curious about Buddhism since my days in Catholic high school world religion classes.

    Eventually as Eric and I decided to solemnize our relationship, the priest at the Jodo Shinshu temple in Anchorage agreed to perform our marriage. I attended lectures by Rev. Yuho and quickly found a natural home in Buddhism.

    After Eric and I parted ways I continued to practice with my friends at the Temple. I moved to DC and now back to Pittsburgh to be closer to my parents as they age.

    My current practice is influenced by zen and jodo shinshu (pure land) sources. (That is not as strange as it may seem to some.)

    About six years ago I started practicing aikido (Japanese marital art) as way to integrate mind/body and as a spitiual response to violence. Aikdo also informs my current practice.

    I am rather friendly. You can check me out on Facebook or at my blog http://bonbu.blogspot.com

    I like Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh sports (Hockey starts Thursday!), Scfi, coffee, Korean food, and guys. (Introductions to gay guys who like sports and Pittsburgh are encouraged.)

    Anything else you want to know. Just ask. I don't hind much.

  5. hind? hide . . . I am responsible for other errors, but don't care much :-)

  6. hello all! Just stumbled apon this blog via metal buddha. i dont do twitter, its enough having a phone and email. But i can do without a phone. Are there any other members from the UK? Im up and meditate for an hour from 6-7am GMT... before the kids get up! and again in the evening usually somewhere between 8 and 9.30 for half hour or so depending! Let me know!

  7. Hi-I am an old hippy-hailing from the early 60's where I marched against the war (vietnam) in favor of women's rights (ERA) and burned my bra with the best of them. I am in the same age group as Goldie Hann, Joan Baez and Anne Rice-which says a lot about me! I went to school to become a Teacher and teach I did-American & Georgia History right as it was in the making thru the integration of schools in Ga., the Kennedy assassination & the Vietnam War. I discovered I was good at helping peoples through trouble and went on for a Masters In Counseling trading a classroom for a counseling pillow on the floor. I help abused wives, runaway teens, gang boys and folks wanting to end it all with suicide. Along the way I also learned a lot about myself. I don't like fancy trappings and I prefer folks who are open and honest with themselves and me. I found love late and children later as my sons were born when I was in my late 30's. I traded Counseling for Administration and ran non profit agencies serving seniors, disabled, homeless, illegal, unwanted,& abused with food, shelter and hope. When my kids grew out of diapers I started a school of my own and it was great for 10 years being my own boss and having my kids close by. As they entered Junior High I counseled unwed mothers & adoptive parents. I became a foster Mum to 3 siblings so they could stay together until their Mom got out of jail. That brings me to age 50 and Arthritis caught up with me and eventually slowed me to a crawl. In my mind's eye I walk just fine-in my heart I know I cannot. I spent a few years getting those two on speaking terms and I am much happier now that they are-even though I still walk fine in my dreams! ha! Retired now, and enjoying the slower pace, and finding my serenity.