16 October 2010

Togetherness Meditation - Day 87

Hello Crew!

Today, regularly scheduled shout-outs and impromptu calls to Stop. Drop. MEDITATE! will be occurring throughout the day. Also, CREWmembers are in attendance (virtually and in-person) at the Pema Chödrön retreat this weekend and some shout-outs will be sent out during the retreat's scheduled times for meditative practice.

Last night during her talk, Ani Pema said that "anybody who is really interested in looking at oneself with gentleness and honesty...cultivating unconditional friendship with oneself...and gentle tender-hearted determination to know oneself...is a warrior." Or, for some, an Outlaw! :-) Or, for all of us, a CREWmember! 

Namaste Online Meditation CREWmembers! Enjoy the day! _/\_

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