17 October 2010

Togetherness Meditation - Day 88

Hello Online Meditation Crew!

Shout-outs have flowed (or will!) during the Morning, Midday, and Evening. Akin to shared meditative practice, the Crew also seeks to foster community connections and togetherness - the essence of the Twangha (Twitter + Sangha) spirit!

So the community-fostering question of the day is:

What is your favorite song/musical composition? And why? 

Namaste! Enjoy the day! _/|\_


  1. Well, my very favorite style of music is punk rock followed closely by metal, then alternative rock. My favorite band(s) of the moment are Bad Religion and Black Pacific.

  2. "I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down" by Ann Peebles. It was recorded in 1973 so it's an oldie, but I think it's groovy & hearing it always makes me feel good. You can listen to it here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwoKq6HPwkE

    The website is great. You are all great - my lovely virtual sangha.
    @_karmadorje xxx

  3. A song that has had a profound effect on my meditative practice is 'Grey Street' by the Dave Matthews Band.

    The lyrical musings of the protagonist - particularly when she asks "Hey, How did I come to this? I dream myself a thousand times around the world, but I can’t get out of this place...” prompted me to go within and touch all of the stuck-ness in my life - all of the greyness.

    When she asks, "Am I supposed to take it on myself to get out of this place?” - the voice within spoke. Shouted, really. And the answer was a resounding 'yes.'

    The emptiness didn't need to be filled in after all. It was creating the space to be open, vulnerable, gentle with the self. The colors were vivid and bold even in their greyness.

    All the colors mix together...to grey!


  4. oh wow-after 65 years of music-name just one? Music has served as a confidant, inspirer, lover and friend down every path of my life. I can hear a song or piece of music and recall not only where I was when it came out, but what I was doing. Events in my life are musical notes some of discord others of harmony. A piece that has always inspired me over the years is Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov ' Scheherazade' written in 1888. It was written to produce a sensation of fantasy narratives from the Orient & was loosely based on the Arabian Nights. It always provokes a sense of the conquests of our life as we live it. The haunting theme of the story teller Scheherazade as she weaves just one more tale to forstall her death reminds me of how we must live for today because we do not know what tomorrow brings.

  5. My musical tastes have swayed to and fro along my life, but there have been two bands which have remained firmly rooted in my heart, Led Zeppelin and Iron Maiden.

    Zep gave me the energy to go thru my early teens, Maiden saw me come of age.

    Zep's No Quarter - reminds me of sad times when I learned how to be as immaterial as a ghost and wear a scary mask.

    Maiden's Journeyman - Helps me pick the pieces of my life and face the here and now. Believe me, it does get better. I know what I want, I say what I want, and no one can take it away.

    Metta CREW!

    _/|\_ ;-) \m/

  6. I like a lot of different bands and types of music, but three of my all time favorites are:


    Underworld - Pearl's Girl

    For one, it's where I originally got the idea for the name of my blog domain (wateronconcrete.net). There is just something about this song that brings me happiness.



    Love and Rockets - Rain Bird

    My all time favorite band. I've even got their band symbol tattooed on my chest. This song is gorgeous, and speaks volumes to me. This band has been with me since junior high, and I think they'll be a favorite my entire life.


    And then there's this band:


    Dead Cab Dance - Rakim


    Dead Can Dance - The Wind That Shakes the Barley


    Dead Can Dance - I Am Stretched On Your Grave

    I can honestly say hearing Lisa Gerrard live was what I consider one of the first 'religious-experiences' I can remember having. The whole universe stops to listen...

    And I cannot listen to "I Am Stretched On Your Grave" without nearly losing it every time. :)

    Many other songs and bands came to mind, but those stand out for me. Apologies for going a bit overboard on this comment, I hope no one minds. Music appreciation has always been a huge part of my life.

    ...joining palms

  7. I don't listen to it that often these days, but my favorite cd or album is probably Crescent by John Coltrane. Quiet, meditative, personal, it's the calm before the storm of A Love Supreme.

  8. Sowing The Seeds of Love, by Tears for Fears.

  9. testing comment... hard to pick a favorite, so many good ones!

  10. It's impossible to narrow it down to one song as an all-time favorite, but here's a couple at the top of the list:

    "For The Love of God" -Steve Vai. This song produces goosebumps every time I hear it. The version with the orchestra on Sound Theories is nothing short of amazing.

    "Little Wing" -both Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan versions...goosebumps for sure.