26 October 2010

Togetherness Meditation - Day 97 (Plus Sit-A-Thon 411)

Greetings Online Meditation Crew!

The merit of today's OMCru togetherness meditation practice will be dedicated to those in Indonesia (earthquake & tsunami) and folks in the US (tornado touchdowns & warnings). Scheduled and impromptu shout-outs have been flowin' throughout the day...with still many more to come! Please don't hesitate to do a Stop. Drop. MEDITATE! shout-out whenever you would like to share in practice with the CREW! 

Currently, the CREW is doing some community-fostering via TwitVids. Everyone is encouraged to film a short (or long!) documentary-style 'day in the life of' segment and post it to Twitter along with the OMCru hashtag! 

Since Twangha spirit is at the heart of our shared practice, please post a TwitVid (or several!) and answer the daily community-fostering question. Today's question is:

What did/do you want to be when you grow up? And why?
Lastly, this Saturday, October 30th, the Online Meditation Crew will be supporting one of our sister Sanghas - Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society - by taking part in their first annual Sit-A-Thon The Sit-A-Thon will run from 9am - 5pm PDT and the Zen Outlaw will be representing the CREW during the afternoon meditation sessions. If you would like to sit along virtually, please use the #OMCru and #ATSit hashtags on Twitter. And if you would like to donate, please DM the Zen Outlaw via Twitter by 10/29.

Namaste Crew! Mucho heavy metta to all! _/|\_ \m/ Enjoy the day! :-)


  1. I'm already grown up. I have a career that doesn't move me anymore. So when I figure it out; I want to be a writer and pastry chef. Why? Because I love cake and make believe. But more importantly: these careers are portable and I can travel the world and at the same time, do what I love.

  2. When I grow up I want to be a writer with a cabin far away from everything. Far, far away.

  3. When I was in my 20's I viewed age as a finite number-you know-I'll be grown when I finish school,get a degree, start a career,get married, have kids. But now I know "growing up" is a process-one we never complete. It should be called "living up" because we focus our attention to tomorrow often at the expense of today. Today is Grown, Today is Living, Today is NOW. So, I am not grown, or done living, it's not 'up'. Yesterday I learned how to make Jalapeno relish, today I spread metta & got a cool t-shirt, tomorrow? who knows-but it WILL be an adventure because I SAY it is. :)

  4. I wanted to be a pilot. Not in the fantasy child way, but really become someone who earned a living at the controls of a jet plane.

    I so much loved to fly I always got the window seat and (waaaaay before 911) took every chance possible to coax my way into the cockpit and pester the poor pilots with endless questions about vectors, wind speed, differential thrust and what have you not.

    What I most enjoyed was that feeling of real three dimensional space and the blurring of all frontiers. I was in love.

    But, like many love stories, I had a painful breakup. When I finally grew old enough to apply for flight school I passed all tests with flying colors… except for my eyesight. An unfortunate combination of myopia and astigmatism way beyond legal fit-to-fly limits put an end to my romance.

    It was, like all first loves, a heartbreaking experience, but eventually all wounds heal.

    Eventually I fell in love again, not as innocently and never as wildly as the first time, but with a deeper and wiser love.

    I fell in love with life, and have learned to enjoy and accept whatever it throws at me.


  5. I wanted to be famous when I grew up until I realized what that entailed. I am now a teacher and that is want I wanted to grow up to be at the age of 32.

    Teaching is a blast and I found a job that I like. Thank goodness for that.

  6. ahh yes, KamikaZen- I had a fantasy career too- I want to travel in space-like really GO out there even if I cannot come back. I still have dreams where I am on a ship in space. :)

  7. I want to be the IT guy. Deciding whether I still want to do that.