23 October 2010

Togetherness Meditation - Days 94 & 95

Hope you're enjoying your weekend, OMCru.

Today we had a mid-day shout-out at 11:30am PDT / 2:30pm EDT.

We'd like to invite (and encourage) everyone to send Stop - Drop - Meditate or Impromptu #wannasit shout outs during the weekend. Let's keep the freestyle Dharma flowing!

Remember it only takes some simple steps to do it:

1. Use the #OMCru hashtag to do a pre-meditation check-in ~ 5-15 minutes before you would like to begin your meditative practice (giving the folks joining you a chance to tell you they are present and to get ready!). It's also nice if you include the #wannasit and #twangha hashtags.

2. Let everyone know when to 'begin' - synchronizing the start for body, heart, and mind.

3. Do a post-meditation check-in/out: say farewells and jot down any reflections on Twitter and/or the OMC blog.

As we keep getting closer to our 100th day together, we'd like you to take some time and think a bit about this blog...

  • Is it an important part of our #twangha community spirit?
  • What direction would you like to see it heading in the future?

The Sangha grows strong as our bonds grow strong, practicing, learning and sharing together.

And now, a special community-fostering question for the weekend:

From where in the world do you share your practice with the #OMCru?
Be as general or specific in your answer as you feel comfortable with…
answering planet Earth might be a bit too general though. ;-)

Much heavy metta and lotsa love, CREW! _/|\_ :-) \m/


  1. Checking in from Suckramento...I mean Saramento, CA.

    And yes, I dig this blog. It's nice to have more than 140 characters to say what ya gotta say.

  2. Ugh, typos...that's SACramento. Sheesh.

  3. Currently living in Northeast Ohio.

    I grew up in Connecticut, went to school (and stuck around for a while) in Washington DC. I also spent a year in Tucson, AZ. All places near and dear to my heart!

  4. All the way from Mexico City, Mexico.

  5. Born in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. Lived in NS, PEI and Quebec. Now residing in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Altho many of you USAmericans may never have heard of it :-/ it's Canada's capital. FYI, we're 1.5 hrs west of Montreal, 1.5 hrs north of Ogdensburg, NY, and freakin cold in the winter. Apparently it's the second coldest capital city in the world. We also apparently have the world's longest natural skating rink (8 km or something like that). How's that for TMI? Lol

  6. I like the blog-nice to have a place to post stuff just for the crew-but it is limited because there is no back and forth-like twitter has.

    I spend most of my time in Athens, Ga- which is near Atlanta and home of the University of Ga and the Ga Bulldogs. I went to school here, graduating in 1967 then promptly moved away to not return until 2000-amazing how life's paths twist and turn.

    oh, btw-the DE on my twitter profile stands for my initials- Darlene Elizabeth - but I do go by DE and Dar or shorty or sukoshi as my Japanese friends call me. :)

  7. @_karmadorje lives in Sydney, Australia & loves this blog & the OMCru. It's a great idea & is helping many people get a meditation routine happening. This is an enormously good thing.

  8. I join you from the scenic Niagara region, on the Canadian side of the Falls. I go to Toronto pretty often to work on my yoga teacher training.

    My practice regularity has really picked up thanks to all of you, much gratitude!

  9. Coming straight out of Sinking Spring, PA. Approx. 45 minutes north of Philadelphia.

  10. Maryland here. I don't always checkin/checkout but it nice to know that I'm not meditating alone. twitter @queenj.

  11. Hi, everyone! I live in Northwest Arkansas. I do love this blog, as it gives us one place to go for news and information. Plus, there are some great bloggers here.

  12. I'm back in Southwestern Virginia, after spending about 15 years away in both Richmond, VA (college) and San Francisco, CA (young adulthood). I think I do best in either the inner city or way out in the sticks :)

    I like the blog, and I'm definitely more comfortable discussing personal details here. Once I'm working more, I'll try to start updating my own blog again. Right now, it's on hold!