01 November 2010

Togetherness Meditation - Day 103

Hi there OMC!

The Stop. Drop. MEDITATE! shout-outs have been flowin' already today! Be mindful, Crew, to give everyone a bit of time to check-in and get ready before giving the cue to begin meditative practice together! Also, be sure to check the #OMCru hashtag on Twitter for new CREWmembers who might be joining in but aren't yet in your timeline or an OMC Twitter list. The CREW is always growing - may we be welcoming and open to all, for all!

The scheduled Midday meditative meetup will be at 11:30am PDT/2:30pm EDT and the Evening Crew will be doing a shout-out around 6-7pm PDT/9-10pm EDT. Keep on the lookout! And don't forget to post check-out messages on Twitter and/or the Blog.

The community fostering question for today is:

Do you have a favorite sport you enjoy watching/playing? What is it and why?

And lastly, an answer to a question posed in the comment section of the blog:

Maria writes:  "Sorry, I'm kind of new at Twitter and don´t really understand the # @ thing... I just want to join the #OMCru and don´t know what to do. Can you tell me?"

And the Online Meditation Crew says:

"Hi Maria!

Welcome to the Crew! _/\_

The Online Meditation Crew primarily communicates with each other via Twitter. Over there --> to the right is a gadget that captures what's happening in our Twitter stream. The '#' symbol allows one to search on Twitter - we use the #OMCru hashtag to find meditative shout-outs and other CREWmembers. The '@' symbol is used on Twitter to direct a message to a specific someone. So '@TheZenOutlaw' means that one is talking to or about the Zen Outlaw on Twitter.

Do you have a Twitter account? It's quick and free to sign up! You can also follow along with the Twitter feed on our Blog (another great Crew resource!). But to feel the true vibe of our Twangha (Twitter + Sangha), you should hop on the Twitter ship!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask anyone in the CREW - or drop @TheZenOutlaw a message on Twitter."

Namaste! Breathe in the Day Crew! _/\_ <3 \m/


  1. Doing sports has eluded me-but I love to watch & cheer. I support the Ga. Bulldogs football team because I went to undergrad there. In those days I was actually a cheerleader-yep!I

    Ages ago-I dated a swimmer on the Ga Tech team & since then follow all the US Olympics Swim Team events.

    Also watch/support the San Francisco teams -football & baseball- because when I lived there I attended & watched games with the family.

    Go Giants! Go 49ers! Go Bulldogs! Go Phelps!

  2. Watching:

    Sports have become a big part of my enjoyment/entertainment. Pittsburgh is a big sports town, of course.

    Our professional are de rigueur for any true 'burgher. I don't think you can drive for more than 20 or 30 seconds with out seeing a Steeler, Pens or Bucs logo or sign in this town. really.

    The Steelers ARE Pittsburgh. They sustained this town through its tough post-industrial phase. I like football. The downside is the injuries, especially head injuries that can so ruin a guys life later. The upside is, um, Heath Miller is so hot.

    In an interview on NPR just before we won our last, and unprecedented, sixth Super Bowl, a sports commentator was asked, "Isn't football kind of like a religion in Pittsburgh?"

    He answered, "That's just silly. It is much more important than that."

    The Penguins (our NHL team) are really good, have a new home and are young (and cute). (see the pattern?) Downside to hockey are the fights, of course. They seem unnecessary, sometimes even criminal. -- who would've thought that the friendliest nation on earth would have a game where players regularly beat on each other? (Truth told, I may enjoy a fight now and then.) The upside to hockey is the strategy, speed, and the games are almost always close enough to be exciting.

    Baseball. What to say? It is not so much a sport as an art. It is the most beautiful game in the world. Now the Pirates (affectionately: the Bucs), that is another matter. Haplessly mediocre by the design of their owners, so that they can maximize profits, they are a drain on our spirits. I love them anyway. Oh, and baseball players are the hottest of any sport.

    I'm not really that good a playing sports. Aikido is not actually a sport but does involve athletic movement. I can whip butt in checkers.

  3. "Our professional TEAMS . . "

  4. I was never really a sports fan, more like the proverbial computer nerd actually, so I don't really follow any teams.

    I enjoy and practice long distance running because it is a very personal and introspective sport, but it's not exactly something you watch and cheer on TV. ;-)

    As a spectator I enjoy F1 racing, off-road freestyle motorcycle races, as well as mixed martial arts tournaments.

  5. friends, friends, friends. You have seen nothing until you have seen Roller Derby. It is the sport of the gods. Godesses, in fact. Too cool for school. Check out one of my local teams - the Sydney Roller Derby League - here: http://www.sydneyrollerderby.com/

  6. Favorite sport. Hmmm. Can't think of any off the top of my head. :-)

    Seriously, though, I've been following hockey since I first went to a live game. The energy and excitement won me over. My home town team, the Pittsburgh Penguins, has several excellent players who are just hitting their stride. They are so much fun to watch. Except for their power play. They really need to work on that. :-)

    When I first joined twitter, I couldn't imagine that I'd find any other buddhist hockey fans out there. How wrong I was.

  7. I cheer for our local NHL Hockey team, the Edmonton Oilers, through thick and thin. It has been thin lately, but things are looking up!

    I've had the great pleasure of being a pit crew member on my brother's stock car racing team over the past 12 years, as he moved up through the ranks racing a stock car on dirt, to racing in the NASCAR Canadian Tire series. That has been a lot of fun, and while my interests have since turned elsewhere, I'm so glad to have had that experience with my family!

    Lately I've begun jogging/running, doing the "Couch to 5K" program. I run my first 5K race in two weeks, with my sister :)

  8. I love that there are so many hockey fans :-)) Whooda think it?? But in general my thoughts about sports... uhhh... is that that thing where you have to move fast and get sweaty??? Nooooo thanks!!! (Unless you count yoga, which I practice and teach.... but I don't!)

  9. Ohhhh sports. I like all of them, however I'm not a crazy hardcore fan, I'm just a fan. I don't have a "favorite" sport, but here are my favorite teams:

    NHL - The New Jersey Devils. I am a new fan to hockey, so I don't know a lot about history, but even though I'm from the wessssside, I love the Devs. Marty Brodeur OWNS. But I don't know WTF is going on this season though...rookie coach I guess.

    MLB - SF Giants of course. Been a fan since I can remember, and they are about to win their first World Series since before they moved here to SF.

    NFL - as with baseball, I root for the SF team, always loved the Niners.

    NBA - gotta rep my Sacramento Kings, even though they suck again.

    NASCAR - my favorite driver was always Dale Jarrett.

    I also love Roller Derby! I have some friends that are on the Sacred City Derby Girls and I rock my t-shirt all the time.

    MMA...Chuck Liddell rules and Gina Carano...what can I say other than YUM.

  10. Only sport I will watch is football. My son plays on JV; their season ended this week. Home team for pro football is Baltimore Ravens. I'm more of a Ravens fan than a football fan if that makes any sense. However, I wouldn't mind training and trying out for the pro women's football team.

    Goooooooo Ravens!!!!!!