03 November 2010

Togetherness Meditation - Day 105

Hello Online Meditation Crew!

The #OMCru shout-outs on Twitter have been plentiful today with an especially large Crew gathering at Midday (in the Americas!). The Evening Crew will be sending out the call to gather for some meditative togetherness between 6-8pm PDT/9-11pm EDT - be on the lookout and join in!

Remember, all are welcome in the CREW - anyone, anywhere, any and all meditative practices, any time!

Many wonderful CREW-building ideas have been shared on Twitter over the past few days. Be reassured that the OMC admin is always listening and taking notes.....and that something is indeed in the works to be revealed for the new year!

What started as a single seed of an idea...continues to flourish and grow everyday! With this in mind, the community-fostering question of the day is:

What guiding principles should the Crew adopt as we continue growing - in numbers and together?

Namaste Crew! Mucho heavy metta to all! \m/ Breathe in the day! :-)


  1. Having trouble coming up with a principle that's not super obvious (i.e. all are welcome but don't tear other people down, reveal private information that you might have access to via the Crew, that sort of thing). Continuing to ponder...

  2. I'm also not sure what to say here. The crew has been amazing...naturally. Such a simple idea that adds so much to my day. _/|\_ sufiheart

  3. hmm. now this is going to take some thought.

    words that spring to mind:

    Friendly, supportive, . . .

    Open, yet rooted in (loosely defined)Buddhist-slash-I-don't-know-what-to-say-here traditions.

    I like that we all practice our way. And I like that we have traditions. (not Tradition)


    respectful,friendly, not a forum argument <-- I don't like that statement. Maybe it should be the hash tag #OMCru shouldn't be used when we are having heated discussions hockey, or - and I am really thinking of this, who is the True Church of Meditation, know what I mean?


    We should say how being together far apart has encouraged us to be more faithful to our practice. (this is how I think many of has experienced the Crew, eh?)

    those are a few random thoughts off the top of my head. I reserve the right to say they are stupid later.

    Great question!

  4. Sangha!!! we are sangha. together as we practice our 108,000 different paths.

  5. I enjoy the inclusion and diversity. I love the solidarity and community. Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi says that the way forward is inter-religious 'do-alogue' in which we practice together (instead of dialogue where we talk at one another). IMO, the OMCru is living this vision, which I share and love.

  6. I think whatever unwritten principles there are, we are doing it. I really appreciated being welcome. I walked in off the virtual street and I didn't feel left out.

    I like bonbu Mark's statement "Open, yet rooted in (loosely defined)Buddhist-slash-I-don't-know-what-to-say-here traditions. "