17 November 2010

Togetherness Meditation - Day 119

Greetings OMCru,

The CREW keeps getting bigger and the shout-outs flow steadily thru the day.

Scheduled meetups of our morning, mid-day, evening and after-dark CREW are in full swing to keep the heavy metta river flowing.

We all need a little air and some elbow space every now and then to let our minds dream and be inspired, so here's a little something for you:

And our community-fostering question for today gives you a big open sky where to fly:

What inspires you?

Keep rocking CREW! _/|\_ :-) \m/ <3


  1. Everything, if I am in the right mind..or out of it.

  2. The Omcru inspires me. It remind me, through Twitter, to be what I am. The tweets by members are inspiring as well. While I am often unable to check in, I still benefit