22 November 2010

Togetherness Meditation - Day 124

Oh Happy Day, Online Meditation Crew!

Today there were a few Stop. Drop. MEDITATE! shout-outs in the very early morn (around 3am PST/6am EST!) and some regular ol' morn  (at least in terms of PST) shout-outs too.  

The 'Hey! It's Midday in the Americas' meditative togetherness shout-out will be at 11am PST/2pm EST today and the 'after dark' Crew will meet up at 7pm PST/10pm EST. Watch for the #OMCru hashtag on Twitter and join in! Everyone is always welcome - anyone, anywhere, any time, any meditative practice.

Remember, anyone can send an impromptu shout-out for togetherness practice. Simply follow these 
3 Steps to Sending an #OMCru Shout-out on Twitter:

1. Do a pre-meditation check-in ~5-15minutes before you would like to begin your meditative practice (giving the folks joining you a chance to tell you they are present and to get ready!).

2. Let everyone know when to 'begin' - synchronizing the start for body, heart, and mind.

3. Do a post-meditation check-in/out: say farewells and jot down any reflections on Twitter and/or the OMC blog.

To wrap up this post, a community-fostering question of the day!:

What is on your gratitude list this holiday season?

Breathe the day in...deeply, CREW! Enjoy! _/|\_ <3 \m/


  1. The OMCru is high on my gratitude list. It is a Sangha that is always with me and supports my practice but doesn't require that I share a bathroom or listen to other people snore or wake up at a certain crazy early time in the morning :-) Much love for the #Twangha _/|\_

  2. I'm grateful for the OMC crew for fostering my consistency with meditation. It really helps knowing other people are doing it at the same time.

  3. I agree with JF: OMCru FTW! Finding you guys, and having a daily excuse to sit, has been just what I needed to push my practice off the plateau it was sitting on for a while. <3

  4. I have learned not to wait for one special day to be thanks-filled-
    and to quote MommaZen Karen Maezen Miller
    "I am (becoming) content with what I lack"
    This is such a great quote-mantra even- for the holidays and every day.

  5. I must confess to a certain lack of patience with the dominant culture's obsession with Christmas. Every year I yearn for the relief that comes when the commercial assault is over.
    Needless to say, it's not my holiday. The best part is that I actually get to rest (on the so-called holidays when everyone else is frantically hosting and/or running around). For that, I'm grateful.

    And I'm always, every morning, sending gratitude to the 'Cru when I check in to sit 'cause I am indeed so, so grateful. It has given me a depth of practice I never had.


  6. @_karmadorje said ...
    Gratitude is something that I practice daily. It keeps me sane & grounded. It also nips self-pity in the bud.
    Christmas has been a difficult time in the past as we have no family other than each other. The pressure that Christmas is to be something special used to hook me every year & I confess that I still fall into it's trap to some degree. I am interested to see whether these old mind-stories come in this year & whether I buy into them at all. I hope not.
    This year we are going for something simple to celebrate the day, but not to get caught into all the hoopla & expectation. I will be grateful for all the wonderful things in my life & that my husband will have started a couple of weeks holiday. I am like the others who have commented, enormously grateful to the presence of the OMCru. I will be joining whoever is meditating on Christmas Day.