23 November 2010

Togetherness Meditation - Day 125

Greetings OMC!

The Stop. Drop. MEDITATE! shout-outs have been flowin' already today! Be sure to give everyone a bit of time to check-in and get ready before giving the cue to begin meditative practice together! Also, be sure to check the #OMCru hashtag on Twitter for new CREWmembers who might be joining in but aren't yet in your timeline or an OMC Twitter list. The CREW is always growing - may we be welcoming and open to all, for all!

The scheduled Midday meditative meetup will be at 11:30am PST/2:30pm EST and the infamous 'after dark' Crew will be doing a scheduled shout-out at 7pm PST/10pm EST. Keep on the lookout! And don't forget to post check-out messages on Twitter and/or the Blog.

The community fostering question for today is:

What does your username and/or real name mean?

Breathe the day in...deeply! And rock on! \m/ <3 :-)


  1. My RL name is Shulamit. It's a Hebrew name, the root of which is SH-L-M (roots in hebrew are three-consonant stems). The root SH-L-M makes words like peace (shalom), total (shleimah), complete (shalem), happiness/peace/inner beauty/wholeness (shleimut). The IT ending means it's a feminine name.

    When it came to picking a Twitter UN, Shulamit was taken. I am sometimes called Shuli for short, but that was also taken. In Hindi (I'm a yoga teacher) the suffix -ji is used like -y is used in English (e.g. Patricia becomes Patty) so I added that to Shuli and fortunately it was available as a Twitter UN.

    Shalom aleichem (peace to you),

    Shulamit aka Shuliji

  2. Being a diver I wanted my twitter name to reflect that passion (rather than the one for single malt whisky..).

    When a situation gets critical underwater the most important thing is to stay calm - and breathe. Every diver carries a second mouthpiece to provide air for a diver in need. Grabbing that additional mouthpiece and relying on the same air tank as your buddy is called "air sharing" or "buddy breathing".

    No matter where we are and what our beliefs - we all breathe and share air.... _/|\_

  3. Ok, ok, I can post an answer to this question :-)...

    Shiwa pema is the bodhisattva name my teacher gave me when I took the Bodhisattva vow with him. It means peace lotus in Tibetan.


  4. Good question!
    dizzwave is an embellishment on "dave" (my first name). A friend came up with it one green day in college, and.. it sorta stuck. Nobody calls me it in real life anymore though. :)

    My last name, Sanderling, is not the last name I was born with. When my wife and I got married, we decided that if/when we ever had a child, we'd pick a new last name for all 3 of us. When that finally happened, we went with the name of our favorite bird -- the cute little ones that run away from the waves on the beach.. lots of good beach memories associated with sanderlings. :)

  5. It is no secret I consider the three stages of women to be Maiden/Mother/Crone. Well, I am now in the last stage and happy to be
    here because to me it represents a well lived life with a few learned wise tips garnered along the way- the silver-well-'tis my hair!

    DAR (short for Darlene)

  6. @Shuliji - I knew about the Hebrew root but didn't know the specific meanings

    @Dizzwave - When hubs and I have a baby, s/he will have a brand new last name as well since I kept my maiden name

    as for me, my twitter name is queenj and J is the initial for my first name Janai which is Biblical. The queen part is because I rule My Queendom and hubs is happy to have it that way.

  7. "Revo Alone" is my twitter name. It's my first and last names with the first and last letters taken off.

  8. I love knowing about our namings :-) I especially like what @sharingair wrote at the end. I love the idea we are all connected by the air we breathe.

  9. My twitter name is @violetsblue because when I was a little girl I used to love sitting in the sun in the spring in my back yard picking violets. My mother would give me a little vase with water and I would fill it up. It was one of the most peaceful times in my life and whenever I meditate I start off by visualizing myself sitting in the green grass surrounded by violets feeling the warm sun on my hair and the gently breeze blowing.

    My real name is Katy (short for Kathleen) which my two older brothers picked out for me when I was born :)