12 November 2010

Togetherness Meditation - Days 114, 115, 116 (THE WEEKEND EDITION!)

Woohoo, it's the Weekend Crew!

Oh, how the shout-outs have been a-flowin' - the river of metta is runnin' wild! In the Morning, there are shout-outs! At Midday, there are shout-outs...and in the Evening too!

On Friday, @TheZenOutlaw leads the call and on Saturday & Sunday, @Silvercrone will bring together all for scheduled midday meditative meetups at 11:30am PST/ 2:30pm EST. Join in! All are always welcome - anyone, anywhere, any time, any meditative practice!

Throughout the course of every day, the #OMCru hashtag is poppin' up on Twitter bringin' Stop. Drop. MEDITATE! magic to the masses. Then, just when you think the Evening Crew has all gone to bed, an 'after dark' shout-out rings out from @violetsblue at 7pm PST/10pm EST!

Community. Sangha. That's what the Online Meditation Crew is all about! To foster the Twangha spirit, a question:

How are you planning to spend the weekend? 
If you could spend it however you wanted, what would you do?

Namaste Crew! Breathe the day in deeply and rock it out! _/|\_ \m/ <3


  1. Tonight my son and I are going to see the Pittsburgh Penguins play the Tampa Bay Lightning. Unfortunately, Vincent Lecavalier, one of my favorite players to watch, won't be on the ice for Tampa because he broke his hand last night. I wish him well.

    My favorite thing to do on the weekends is not to have to do housecleaning. Too bad this won't be one of my favorite weekends. :-)

  2. I'm leaving Saturday for a 7 day silent retreat in Joshua Tree. SUPER stoked.

  3. I'll be working. As usual. But a schedule change is on the horizon.