19 November 2010

Togetherness Meditation - Days 121, 122, & 123 (WEEKEND EDITION)

Hey there, OMC!

What's flowin'? Why Stop. Drop. MEDITATE shout-outs, of course! Don't forget over the weekend CREWmember @silvercrone leads the midday meditative meetup shout-outs! Also, look for @violetsblue to send out meditative togetherness requests 'after dark'.

 The holiday season is creepin' up on us...so this weekend's community-fostering question is:

How will you be celebrating the holidays this year?


Namaste Crew! _/|\_ <3 \m/

1 comment:

  1. Myfamily-which was never really huge has shrunk to my sons and me-with various friends or coworkers who are away from home or have no arrangements for Thanksgiving evening. I like to include folks who have fewer ties on this day-to me it is what sharing is all about. Some years it is bigger than others but it always involves many nationalities, languages and food cultures which is marvelous! Enjoy. Relax. DeStress. Namaste.