11 November 2010

Togetherness Meditation - Day 113 - A Day to Remember

Hello again, dear CREW.

As some you may know, today is a special day for many of our friends, especially those in North America. A day of remembrance.

Politics, ideology, religion, ethnicity, all these things which apparently separate us and which have unfortunately pitted us against each other are skin deep.

Regardless of what side of the battlefield our particular history has placed us, the fear, anguish and pain of those faced with the possibility or the sad reality of never again seeing a loved one return is universal.

If we could really understand this deeply in our hearts, is there any way we could really bring ourselves to inflict this pain on anyone?

Let us all dedicate our practice today to all those beings everywhere whose lives have been touched by conflict.

May all beings everywhere be free of mental suffering.
May all beings everywhere be free of physical suffering.
May all beings everywhere be safe.
May all beings everywhere be healthy.
May all beings everywhere be happy.
May all beings everywhere be filled with loving kindness.

Today we would like to ask you:

What special meaning does this day hold for you and why?

May you all be safe and peaceful, CREW.

Namaste _/|\_

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  1. After Pearl Harbor I think my whole family trooped down to the recruiting office and signed up! I had not been born yet but my parents were married. My Dad, and two of his brothers signed on. Even my Aunt signed up and my grandfather. Military service became a way of life for my family as several remained in service even after WWII ended. By the way-I was born the day the US bombed Nagasaki- an event I abhor to this day. Thankfully no one in my family suffered harm and I am grateful for their service and remember them on Veterans day.