09 December 2010

Togetherness Meditation - Day 141

Howdy OMCru.

The holidays are upon us, a time most of us will spend with family and friends regardless of our personal beliefs.

It is also a time in which your friendly neighborhood OMCru facilitators would like to take a little break.

In order to do this, we'd like to know if any of you would like to volunteer for shout-out duty during December - January, so we can spread the work and have a bit more time to spend with our loved ones.

If you want to help just get in touch with @TheZenOutlaw to get more details.

Let's keep the heavy metta river flowing during the holidays CREW! Impromptu Stop, Drop, Meditate shout outs are highly encouraged during this season.

Whenever you find the time to share some mindfulness use the #OMCru hashtag on Twitter to call all tweeps to meditative arms.

Even if your chances to formally sit are few and far apart every aspect of your everyday routine, running, cooking, writing, chatting, eating, can become meditation when done with full presence of body and mind.

And just to start getting into the festive mood…

Cut to a huge red-curtained theatre, it's a full gala night with everyone in the audience wearing tuxedos (yes, even the ladies, but they wear fishnets and red stilettos, unlike the gents). Whoopi Goldberg and Tom Cruise enter stage thru the left as we hear the sound of a 20 piece orchesta playing a symphonic version of Iron Maiden's Journeyman. Clapping from the audience can be heard in the background as they reach the podium.

Whoopi: – Community is one of the three pillars at the very heart of any spiritual practice. All contemplative traditions across the ages have recognized this and worked hard to foster it.

Tom: –There are many ways for a community to grow strong, from sharing common activities like pilgrimages and rituals to organizing great parties. But in the end all have the same basic goal, letting the members know each other better.

Whoopi: – The more the members of a community know and trust each other the closer they become and the more willing to provide help and support to their peers they will be.

Tom: – This is the true spirit and soul of a community.

Whoopi: – And so, it is our great honor to be here and present you with… envelope please.

A tall blonde california roller derby chick rolls across the stage towards Tom and Whoopi. While she passes in front of them without stoping, Whoopi swiftly takes the envelope from the small silver tray she is carrying, breaks the seal and hands the paper slip to Tom.

Tom: And the Community Fostering question for today is…

What is your favorite holiday season tradition and why?

They both leave the stage and the crowd loudly cheers. The Community Fostering Question enters stage thru the right, all teary with emotion and looking lovely in a Valentino design with matching Chanel shoes and purse.

As the orchestra plays the first chords of Pantera's Cowboys From Hell, the camera zooms into her waving figure until the shot becomes a close up of her smiling face.

Happy Holidays CREW! Enjoy, share and be safe with your loved ones.

Tons of Heavy Metta to all and Rock on. _/|\_ :-) \m/


  1. well, Tom Cruise I am no fan of.... but I love Whoopi. Therefore I can host the midday shoutout (6am Sydney time) no problems. Can I start in a couple of days?

  2. I loved that. And I would actually like to hear an orchestral version of CFH. \m/

    My favorite tradition used to be watching Eight Crazy Nights with my wife on xmas eve. But now that's in the past so I need to make new traditions. Not quite sure what those will be yet...

  3. The best thing about the holiday season is that I get aware how lucky I am to lead my life (mostly at least) just the way I want it to be.

    No frantic gift shopping, decorating the appartment, more shopping, preparing elaborated dinners, more shopping, gathering with people one mostly meet once in the year (there is a reason for that!), more shopping, trying to avoid arguments with some of the afore mentioned people and even more shopping...

    Having said that, my personal tradition is looking back, getting some solitude and I love to make lists of what I want to accomplish the year ahead - I soon tend to forget those list though ;-)

  4. I'm glad to share shoutout duty with @violetsblue for afterdark round 2 which is anytime after 11p EST