20 December 2010

Togetherness Meditation - Day 152

It was a busy weekend at the OMC, and we are now sliding back in to our workweek. Some of us are fortunate enough to have the week off, some have a short week, and for some it's just another "week at the office".  

Our Monday started with an early morning shout-out from @Shuliji, then on to our regularly scheduled midday meditation. In between was a stop.drop.meditate from @JamisonWiggins, who sat while riding a ferry.

Later today @violetsblue will be gathering the #afterdark crew (look for that shout-out around 10:00pm eastern).  Tomorrow's midday meetup will be led by @shing999, so keep an eye out for his call!

And, as always, anyone is welcome to send out a stop.drop.meditate at any time during the day. At this busy time of year our schedules don't always allow us to get together at the usual time(s).  Share your practice, and there's bound to be someone who will join in!!

Today's community fostering question:
Do you practice at work? If so, how do you integrate your practice with your workday?

Let us know your tips/tricks/techniques in the comments!!

Whether we're on the deck, or in the galley, keep the metta flowin'!! _/|\_ \m/



  1. I usually don't meditate at work unless I didn't have time to do it before I leave home. I try to keep my spiritual practice private.

  2. When at work I do a 10 minutes Toilet Guerilla Meditation in the middle of the working day. This gives an extra calmness boost and reinforces the mindfulness throughout the day. Works like charm. Also during working hours whenever I remember I return to the mindfulness of in and out breathing (anapanasati) as thought by the Buddha and also keep mindful of the work being performed in whichever bodily position (satipatthana).
    On and Off the cushion living is the same = Mindful :)
    May all beings above, bellow and all around be happy at heart