16 December 2010

Togetherness Meditation - Days 147 and 148

Hello again OMCru,

With folks busy getting ready to close the year and bid welcome to a new one, the #twangha has still found the time to Stop, Drop and Meditate at all times and places, good work CREW!

Let's keep the metta river flowing, especially in this time of sharing with family and friends.

With some slight schedule variations, our mid-day and after-dark meditative meet-ups have been going strong nevertheless, thanks to all crewmembers who are working hard to keep the practice wheel spinning without interruptions all thru the season.

Be sure to be on the lookout for the #OMCru hashtag to pop on your timeline any time at any place, you can always join in or, if your situation makes it truly difficult to sit and meditate, you'll still know the CREW is there, sharing mindfulness with you.

And since we already touched the subject, why not take the chance and turn it into today's Community Fostering Question:

Do you find knowing the OMCru is sharing practice changes your state of mind even when you are unable to join in?

Share with your loved ones, live the here and now and be as compassionately naughty as you possibly can, or more.

Rock the day, CREW! _/|\_ :-) \m/


  1. MOST DEF! I have the old blackberry set to the Midday Meetup time and if I cannot join in-it still chimes me...so wherever I am it reminds of the CREW and it makes me happy and calmer too knowing you guys are out there.

    An interesting side note-if I am with someone when the chime goes off-I am aways asked what the alarm is for-it is a reminder to me (and them) to breathe and be mindful in my daily activities.
    And a couple of times have had requests to join in with guests-how great is that??

    Thanks OMCru! Ya'll are the BEST!


  2. I need to set my alarm for that. Great idea!

  3. It does lift my spirits to see the shout-outs :-) I enjoy the connection and warm fuzzies :-)

  4. Absolutely. I feel like I am part of a community engaged in meditation even if I am not at that time able to join in. It is great to know the rest of the cru is breathing and unwinding, and helps me do the same even if I can't get a proper sit in :-)