23 December 2010

Togetherness Meditation Days 156, 157 and 158

Greetings CREW!

This has been a wonderful week with some new faces and many regulars keeping the flow going on our Meditation Togetherness.  While some folks are away others have stepped in and the CREW keeps on getting stronger and stronger with your participation.  Meditate and Destroy!

The Early AM Crew has been active. There have also been frequent STOP - Drop - MEDITATE Shout Outs throughout the day and evening.  Let's continue this trend.

Please follow the #OMCru hashtags to keep up with any last minute time changes as we head into this holiday weekend. Midday MeetUp times may vary a little bit.  Friday/Saturday/Sunday look for @silvercrone at 11:30AM PST / 2:30PM EST to be at the helm.

In addition @violetsblue and @queenj may share the #afterdark Meetups so check the #OMCru hashtag for exact times.  What is important is that we are all working to keep the flow going with the CREW!

For a change of pace, I would like to share an Awareness poem written by Holly Mann.

                                      Awareness - July 1, 2010
Intensely aware,
as though within me it stares,
with eyes so piercing they cannot be seen.
With depth of understanding, beyond what I can dream.
The knowledge of life’s brevity,
whispered into my ear as I live out each day,
quietly I hear.
Reminders of the whispering wisdom are everywhere.
In the pure joy and laughter of my own child.
In those moments frozen in time,
where some may scold and frown,
I become aware again of that whispered wisdom.
At times the whispers transform into thunder,
rolling through the sky,
passing by with unexpected moments,
causing me to hold my breath.
Each moment I try to shed the seriousness learned,
to see through the eyes of my child,
his raw emotions just pull from me,
enabling me to see,
each moment and each breath as an opportunity.
Each day an adventure,
each problem a battle to conquer,
with a heart ablaze with passion and strength.
Intensely aware,
of each moment in time.
The brevity of it all,
and in those moments you can find -

May we all be aware and mindful of the moment.  Practice Peace and Share Kindness. Rock \m/ Crew
@hellofromhere says it all...  "Wishing all followers of all faiths (or secular celebrants) a peaceful and calm time during the holiday season"  _/|\_


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