12 August 2010

Togetherness Meditation - Day 22

Cyber-Sangha, the Online Meditation Crew, will get together for scheduled meditative practice time at 11am PDT/2pm EDT. All are welcome to join in! Look for the OMC shout-outs from \m/ metalbuddha \m/

UPDATE: Danny_789 (on Twitter) led the CREW in a Stop. Drop. MEDITATE! from across the pond! Shout-out to our International Crew! _/\_

Also, a new OMC Night Crew is gettin' together....look for Stop. Drop. MEDITATE! tweets to arise after the sun has set...


  1. I sat late, but it was a good sit. Today the revelation that we are each steeped in thousands and thousand of eons of millions of millions of negative actions causing negative karma bringing negative results degenerating these times and carving even deeper into the light... but that even the slightest good we do—any positive karma or merit we accrue from even the slightest kind gesture: a smile shared with a stranger; a word of support; giving a being born in a lower realm a bit of food—is enough to wash millions and millions of negative karma away.

    I found joy today in the fact that positivity will always outweigh the negative, as negativity is only the dearth of positive intent, not it's opposite.


  2. Ah, buddhabadges, such a beautiful reflection! Thank you!

    When I sit with myself...just me...the noise in my head doesn't stop, but it oftentimes becomes a bit more intelligible. And today, an idea popped up. Something positive that I would like to work towards bringing to fruition. Practice for the benefit of all sentient beings...yeah, maybe I *can* do that - at least a little bit everyday!


  3. Meditated with Honey on my lap today. The thought that every breath she takes might be her last made me so aware of just how precious each moment is, and how thoughtlessly we give it for granted.

    Thank you CREW, for being there to support and help me foster my sometimes sloppy practice.

    What Zen Outlaw just said above reminded me so much of one of my teacher's favorite answers to the 'I have no time to practice' gripe:

    Hasta tu pinche mínimo esfuerzo de algo sirve, solo mantenlo.

    It could be somewhat loosely translated to english as: Even your shitty little effort works in the long run, just keep it up.

    Much love and a ton of heavy metta to all. _/|\_ :-) \m/