01 September 2010

Togetherness Meditation - Day 42 & A Special News Alert

Today, the_KamikaZen (on Twitter) will be leading togetherness meditation for the Crew at 12noon PDT/3pm EDT. Later in the day, the #EveningCrew will meet up during their regular 7pm PDT/10pm EDT time slot. All are always invited to join in! All meditative practices welcome! _/\_

And now...a very special #OMCru NEWS ALERT:
*100%* of the profits from the Crew's online store will go to Buddha Badges' monthly charity! All T-shirt & sticker designs have been generously donated by the_KamikaZen!

The #OMCru store can be found at http://www.redbubble.com/people/thekamikazen/t-shirts

Please check out our sister site Buddha Badges too: http://www.buddhabadges.com/

Enjoy the day everyone! Namaste!

1 comment:

  1. Made it in today, but I've made it in a few times under the gun or on my own... Viva La #OMCru! Today, I had this phrase from somewhere following me onto the cushion... I think maybe Ponlop said it: "No matter what you think, it's only a thought".

    Much thanks to The OMC and Kamikazen for donating the proceeds from their shirts... we're going to donate together to Pakistan! In September let's put the OMC logo as well as the design from Precious Metal (he mentioned donating his design) on some shirts and stickers and see what we can raise loot for!

    So many ideas...so many wonderful folks...