28 September 2010

Togetherness Meditation - Day 69

What's up, OMC?

Today a scheduled shout-out for togetherness meditation went out at 11am PDT/2pm EDT on Twitter. Throughout the day, CREWmembers will be sending out requests for impromptu meditative get-togethers - the call to Stop. Drop. MEDITATE! Later in the day, the Evening Crew will meet up, usually between the hours of 6-9pm PDT/9pm-12midnight EDT.

The Online Meditation Crew is here to support all in practice - whatever that meditative practice may be (zazen, chanting, walking, mantra, loving-kindness, mindfulness, prayer, etc.)! It is a community - or 'sangha' - that shares meditative thoughts and reflections, as well as favorite recipes, humorous anecdotes, and music suggestions.

Go Team #OMCru! All are always welcome! Join in today! _/\_

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