08 November 2010

Togetherness Meditation - Day 110

Greetings Crew!

Today, the OMCru shout-outs have been flowin' - kickin' off a new week! Besides Morning and Evening shout-outs, there is also a scheduled Midday Meditative Meetup which will be held today at 10:45am PST/1:45pm EST. Remember, anyone can send out an impromptu call to share in meditative practice - a shout-out to Stop. Drop. MEDITATE! The Online Meditation Crew welcomes all, always - anyone, anywhere, any time, any meditative practice. So look for us on Twitter and jump right in! _/|\_

In an effort to continue cultivating the Twangha spirit - the essence of community that is at the heart of the OMC - here is today's community-fostering question:

What is your favorite indulgence (food, drink, donuts, staying up past your bedtime, etc.)? The CREW wants to know!

Namaste Crew! Breathe in the day...deeply! _/|\_ \m/ <3


  1. Apple cider donuts (available hot out of the oven at about 6 different orchards within a 5 mile radius) sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. Lovely with tea or coffee or cider or milk :) I'd post a picture but I ate them all already...

  2. Wow the apple cider donuts sound delicious.

    For me my fav indulgence is pizza. It of course has to be some kind of food for me :P. Pizza... i just have no words for how good it makes me feel :) fav toppings... just mushrooms & cheese.

  3. I refer everyone to the lyrics to the song "Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk" by Rufus Wainwright.

    While not naming mine specifically, it does capture the spirit. ::slightly scary grin::

    But for naming here: hockey, bacon, getting a Mini Cooper from Zipcar and rocking a day trip in the country.

  4. definitely pizza. If I don't eat at least an entire medium I don't feel like I ate enough :) haha

  5. Hmmmm. I love the Fuze fruit drinks. They are to die for!

    Other than that I have an unhappy friendship with nicotene which I'm trying to overcome.

    Hanuman Dass

  6. One word…food. I love eating it and I love preparing it. Good thing I run or I'd probably weight a TON by now. ;-)

    Oh, and let's not forget, Dr. Pepper FTW!

  7. -mmm smooth dark chocolate squares, glorious fat walnuts with a glass of good red wine.

    kahlua & vanilla icecream or dairy queen dip cone

    sweet birthday indulgence = tiramisu cake


  8. I can agree with most everyone on pizza and I also have an intense relationship with Dr. Pepper as well.
    Also, I enjoy a good cigar almost daily.
    I could probably fill a page with my indulgences. I am a bit ADD.

  9. chocolate, hot wings, and my husband's bacon/egg/cheese sandwiches.