13 October 2010

Togetherness Meditation - Day 84

Hello again, dear Crew!

Today we woke up not only to the now regular shout-outs from our #MorningCrew, but also to the great news of the Chilean miners' rescue. It's really inspiring to see so much metta flowing to them from all over  the world!

Today our mid-day meditation shout-out will be sent by @The_KamikaZEN at 11:00am PDT/2:00pm EDT, with a special dedication to the Chilean miners and their families.

Our #EveningCrew will be sending their regular shout-outs, and there will surely be many impromptu Stop. Drop. MEDITATE! calls from the Crew during the day - so keep your eyes open for the #OMCru hashtag on Twitter.

An important part of the Twangha (Twitter Sangha!) is having the chance to share our thoughts, feelings and experience with each other so we can learn and grow together.There are many ways you can share with the Crew. Give us a shout on Twitter, use the comment section of this blog or post a discussion on our Facebook page.

Looking forward to reading you all!

Metta and enjoy the day. _/|\_ :-) \m/

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