08 August 2010

Togetherness Meditation - Day 18

See you at lunch time today West Coast folks and before your mid-afternoon siesta Easterners! The Online Meditation Crew will be gettin' together at Noon PDT/ 3pm EDT.

You meditatin' with the OMC?


  1. An apology to the CREW for my tardiness today. Heading back from practice was sending the Crew Metta, focusing on the breath, and trying to practice mindful driving.

    During OMC today, I cleaned a toilet and took a shower. My practice was applied gratitude: appreciation for the comforts of home, for hot water and water pressure, for items I can purchase at a store with ease, for the bruises and pains in my body - a body that is mine, that breathes and thinks, and reminds me constantly that I am here now.

    To the CREW, thank you. My practice has been and continues to be deepened greatly by your presence. _/\_

  2. Mindful cooking practice today, wonderful awareness of sounds, sights and smells.

    I'm meditating in ways, moments and places I never dreamed about before.

    Thanks and deep bow to the CREW for bringing such richness to my practice!

    _/|\_ :-) \m/